Nada’s Song


This is a song about personal expression and the freedom to do so without fear of oppression much less death.

This is a song reaching out to people all over the world who believe in freedom and liberty … for themselves, their friends and their neighbors.

On June 20 in Iran, a young woman named Neda was innocently in attendance at a public rally of people questioning the results of a national election.  She was inexplicably shot to death.  This tragedy was captured on film; this film quickly spreading around the globe … a graphic reflection of real-life violence, in this case, resulting from people gathered together to express their view of a presidential election. Rallies, parades, meetings and even protests are forms of self-expression … some expressions are criticisms, others celebrations, still others a reinforcement of one’s belief and support of basic rights of humankind.

Neda was a participant at one such gathering. “Neda’s Song” is not an emotional tribute to a young life cut short by a bullet. Nor is it an incendiary device to ignite global rebellion. “Neda’s Song” simply refuses to accept the circumstances of this girl’s death. The name Neda means a voice, a calling.  “Neda’s Song” interprets this voice as spirit of change.

Change occurs over time … sometimes quickly; more often over a longer period.  Regardless, “change” requires motivation; “change” requires effort. “… workin’ on Neda’ song …” reflects one’s personal commitment to working for change – today and tomorrow.  By being willing to be “workin’ on Neda’s song,” each of us helps insure we strive to achieve positive change.    In so doing, we enable Neda to help us rally the world population to not accept anything less than personal freedom. Let us all be “workin’ on Neda’s song.  Let us hope “… you wanna sing along” … This is how we don’t let Neda’s tragic death be forgotten.  This is how we fuel positive change. This is how we can say “thank you, Neda.

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Neda's Song     

Neda's Song ... Lyrics

Well let me see now how can I say it I’m
workin’ on Neda’s Song still workin’ on a song n’
how can I say it other than
I am a light beam angel of freedom and liberty
I am Neda a voice calling and spirit of change and
for always and forever I am Neda’s Song

of voices and choices and voice of the world
of every man woman and boy and girl a
voice calling out with all the voices of the world I am Neda’s Song

and I wanna jump up and tell the world I’m

:workin’ on Neda’s Song and how can I say it other than I’m
workin’ on a song n’ hopin’ you wanna sing along
Just think about it together workin’ on Neda’s Song (workin’ on a song I’m):

© 2009 CANDO Inc. Writer Keith Colley


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